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Woodworm Isle of Man

Woodworm Treatment

In order to allow for the best course of treatment, our experienced and highly qualified surveyors will carry out a thorough inspection of your property. Treatments will be tailored to your needs as our surveyors will assess:

The extent of your problem

The species of woodworm involved

The activity level of the infestation

There is no property too large or small! AAA woodworm treatments effectively eliminate pest issues in properties of all ages and sizes fully backed up with our 30 year guarantee.

Woodworm Removal Methods


We offer specialist treatments that deal with woodworm problems within any residential or commercial property.


Water based treatment - The highly effective and efficient water based treatment allows you to re-enter the treated area, a short time after the treatment is completed. The solution will remain within the layers of timber, cracks, crevices and flight holes to prevent any future infestations.

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