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Damp Proofing Isle of Man

What is Damp Proofing?

Damp proofing is a general term that covers methods and treatments used to prevent damp from being absorbed through walls or floors into the interior of a property. 


Why Damp Proofing is Important?

Issues such as damp and rot can eventually cause structural damage to your property, so it is essential to identify the signs of damp as early as possible to help prevent any further damage.

If the physical barrier of damp proofing (to walls or floors) in a property is damaged, absent or bridged in any way it can potentially lead to building problems such as:


Rising Damp - The capillary movement of water up the walls of a building, which can result in damage to the plaster and internal decorations. Learn more »


Dry Rot - Timber with a moisture content above 20% gives wood destroying fungas the opportunity to grow. Learn more »


Wet Rot -  Present in timber with a moisture content much higher than that required for dry rot and usually above 40%. Learn more »

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