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Dry Rot Isle of Man

Dry Rot Treatment

Our professional dry rot service begins with a thorough inspection (dry rot survey) conducted by a qualified surveyor. This may require removing some plaster, skirting or panelling to establish the full extent of the dry rot and its causes. Our surveyor will also:

  • Check for associated problems such as other types of rot or signs of damp

  • Inspect other areas of your property that may be at risk

  • Provide a cost-effective solution to your problem

  • Provide you with a full report outlining findings in each specific area of your property.


Details of our Dry Rot Treatment service

After a survey has been completed, a solution has been agreed upon and our surveyor has arranged a suitable date with you; our technicians will come and rectify your dry rot problem. Technicians will go through the following steps to treat dry rot in your home.


  1. Stopping the Source of Moisture – Our trained technicians will locate the source of moisture removing any wall plaster or infected wood allowing direct access to the area in need of treatment. Before treatment can be administered the area is dried and source of moisture is repaired; this will prevent future dry rot spores from germinating.

  2. Damaged Area Removal – All decayed wood and damaged linings such as: panelling, skirtings, ceilings and plaster are removed to prevent the further spread of the rot fungus.

  3. Treating Dry Rot – If structural timbers and brickwork are affected by the dry rot fungus then a fungicidal paste is applied to form a protective chemical barrier. This will not only prevent wood rotting fungi from re-establishing itself but prevent attacks from wood-boring insects for many years to come.

  4. Timber Replacement – Once our property technician is certain that dry rot is fully eradicated from your home he will begin replacing removed timber with preservative-treated timbers.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our specialist technicians have the skills, qualifications, craftsmanship and rot treatments to offer an effective solution to your dry rot problem. All our dry rot treatments carry a 30-year guarantee, which can be passed on to future owners of the property.

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