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Condensation Isle of Man

What is Condensation?

Air can only hold a certain amount of moisture 'water vapour' - the warmer the air the more it can hold. If this air is then cooled by contact with a cold surface (a window, mirror, metal window frame or outside wall) the vapour becomes water droplets - condensation. 

The point at which the air cools enough for the water droplets to form is known as the 'dew point'. 

Everyday activity like cooking, washing, bathing or even just breathing, releases moisture into the air. An average family of 4 can generate approximately 24 pints (14 litres) of water a day.  

Download our guide to the causes of condensation in your property and how to help remedy them.

Condensation Treatments

Condensation occurs when high levels of humid air are trapped within a building, where poor ventilation does not allow it to escape. This moisture then condenses when it touches cold surfaces such as windows or walls; eventually leading to mould growth. Improving insulation, double glazing and draught proofing can reduce the natural ventilation in properties and therefore lead to the build up of water vapour.

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